Big Style, Small Spaces Showcase House – the pictures!

Afternoon everybody!  I finally have some shots of the California Home + Design Big Style, Small Spaces Showcase house we recently completed.  All of the designers were asked to create spaces for the same imaginary clients, a costume designer for stage and film and a precussionist for a rock band.  My space was the oddly shaped mezzanine and I decided to break it into two sub-spaces – an office/creative lab for her and a cozy jam room for him.  Enjoy and check out a list the kind sponsors after the pictures!

Don’t miss the lo-fi but extraordinarily clever table by San Francisco based, Jason Lees.

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Simen Johan

I just came across this image in a recent issue of the New Yorker and am beyond bummed that I won’t be back in NYC in time see this show of Simen Johan’s work at the Yossi Milo Gallery.  I would love to get up close and personal with this world-weary gent:

According to the gallery’s website,

Photographs from the artist Simen Johan’s ongoing project,  Until the Kingdom Comes, depict an unsettling natural world hovering between reality, fantasy and nightmare. Johan merges traditional photographic and sculptural techniques with digital methods. Having originally photographed a variety of plants and animals in natural preserves, zoos, farms, museum dioramas or his own studio, the artist then resituates them digitally into new environments constructed from images photographed elsewhere.

Unsettling, indeed, but beautiful and lyrical and haunting as well.  A few of my faves to give you the flavor:

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