Etsy, Part Deux

Ok folks.  I’m not sure what to say.  I sat down, ready and eager to make more exciting discoveries on Etsy and share, share, share!  However, apart from a few finds, I came up empty.  Maybe I’m tired.  Maybe the bad photography and high percentage of kitsch wore me down.  Maybe the best stuff on Etsy is the art.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong.  Have I lost my touch?  Oh dear…  Please let me know what I have missed (and I am sure there is plenty).  In the meantime, enjoy the goodies I was able to tease out from amidst the crocheted tea cozies and stained glass suncatchers.

First up, this hilariously direct  Let’s Make Outpillow from Alexandra Ferguson:

And I found these fly bargello needlepoint pillows from  Lisolabella.  God, I love bargello!

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Villa Savoia

Today, Kate and I had the pleasure of visiting with Michael Savoia of Villa Savoia, embroidery house extraordinaire.  I am beginning to explore the world of embroidery and embellishments for clients (and myself, natch) and figured a good place to start would be with the best.  Michael is a font of information and deeply passionate about his chosen area of expertise.  No wonder some of the most elegant designer’s in Los Angeles (Michael Smith, Suzanne Rheinstein, Madeline Stuart, Kim Alexandriuk) seek him out when they are looking for the best for their clients.  He generously walked us through a number of embroidery techniques and materials and got me really jazzed about the myriad possibilities. It ain’t cheap though, so I am saving my ducats until I can pump up a pillow, or chair, or curtain edge with his exquisite stylings.  You might want to start saving, too…

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