Book Roundup 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yesterday, when I asked Molly what her blog post was going to be about, she said “all the new books coming out.” I then asked her if she was mentioning the new Oliver Messel and Gucci books, and she said “no, why don’t you guest blog about those tomorrow?” So here I am! (oh, this is Kate, BTW)

I first heard about Oliver Messel when I was in design school and looking for an interiors icon to do a project on. At that time, I couldn’t find enough on him to do the project, so this book, Oliver Messel: In the Theatre of Design, is long overdue. He was sort of the Tony Duquette of the Caribbean (as he was involved in many realms of aesthetic design) crossed with Slim Aarons (hanging out in jet-set island locales with royalty and other peeps living the good life.) The ‘tropical’ angle always tickles my fancy.

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