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Happy Monday! This weekend I realized that my powder room walls had turned on me. They are painted a deep shiny raspberry and for years I have loved them passionately. But all of a sudden, I looked up from washing my hands and was turned off. Way off. They look garish and juvenile and I never want to see them again. How quickly the tides have turned. I have become a women obsessed with changing them and changing them soon. I love powder rooms and think they always provide an opportunity to experiment with patterns and colors you might not in a larger or more central space. And since I love me some wallpaper, I thought this might be my opportunity to use one from my favorite purveyor Cole & Sons. Hands down, they have the most interesting patterns and color range out there. Check out some of my faves like these from Fornasetti (from top Boemia, Ex Libris, Malachite, Nuvole):

I mean, come on! The surrealism and the colors really hit me in my happy place. But wait, there’s more. How about these fabulous ones from Vivienne Westwood? The first colorway is just dynamite. And please note the close up of Vivienne’s Lace in the fifth image. Yes, that is her name. I love a name worked into fabric or wallpaper as a little surprise – think Lilly Pulitzer…. (from top Squiggle, Vivienne’s Lace)

And of course, there are gems galaore from all of their collections. For instance, the intensity of these two are just exhilarating (from top Scarisbrick, Rajapur, Flowering Tree)
Conversely, I am also feeling a really nude palette. It feels so fashiony and fresh. (from top Phoenix, Inside Out Flower, Istanbul)
And of course, I always love some stripes and these color combinations are ka-pow! (from top Carousel Stripe, Soho Stripe)
If you aren’t working with a designer or have a resale license, don’t fret. You can buy most of these directly from Select Wallpaper or Walnut Wallpaper. Doesn’t some room in your house need a little spice? Enjoy!

(All images courtesy of Cole & Son)

3 comments on “Cole & Son

  1. maison21 on said:

    the fornasetti colletion is one of my favorites (and the malachite in particular may well be my favoritist evah!)

  2. Molly LuetkemeyerMolly Luetkemeyer on said:

    fornasetti is the man, huh?

  3. OMG. The inside out flower. It completes me. It’s the perfect combo of ’60s/’70s wallpaper without going to the Brady House place. Love. (But really, all of these are A-OK.)

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