February 6, 2013

Christopher Coleman for V&M

Whilst cruising  V&M today, Kate let out a shriek.  At first I was concerned but after rushing to her desk to see what was up, I quickly understood her excitement.  Apparently, V&M has launched something they are calling their  Design Atelier, which showcases four lines produced exclusively for V&M by the designers Marie Aiello, Heather Maloney, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz and Christopher Coleman.  The standout (in my not-so-humble opinion) and the cause for Kate’s exclaiming are Mr. Coleman’s bold, graphic items.  I did a House Beautiful showcase house with Mr. Coleman many years ago and somehow lost track of him.  Looking at the images of his work, I have trouble understanding how that could have happened.  Love it or hate it (I love it!), his work is unforgettable – strong, fearless and full of energy:

I love his saturated palette and am thrilled to see him bring it into this collection.  Some of my faves are below.  Let’s begin with two fabulous acrylic side tables (that could easily double as stools for occasional seating).  The black and white is simple and crisp while the yellow number screams Albrizzi to me:


Then it’s on to these dynamite boxes.  The large ones would make the chicest home for a pile of ugly remotes…

I am also feeling his large decorative chargers.  This one calls to mind a snippet of some fabulous vintage European travel poster:


And these acrylic discs are a showstopper.  That a lot of bang for $448!

I am trying to decide which of these vases I must have (and how many!).  So Ellsworth Kelly!


And last but not least, don’t sleep on these knockout acrylic trays.  They could add some major punch to any tired tablescape:

I am thrilled to see so much lively color and muscular pattern on this drab February day.  Enjoy!

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  1. November, 30
    Barchbo said...
    I've missed you! Thanks for posting! Those acrylic discs are ahhh-mazing!
  2. November, 30
    Molly Luetkemeyer said...

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